What is the fat loss drug laxogenins?

The drug laxogensin is a generic for a number of other drugs that treat obesity and insulin resistance.

It works by slowing the rate of weight gain in people who already have it, and it is also used to help people manage blood sugar levels and blood sugar-related conditions such as diabetes.

A study published in Diabetes Care in 2014 found laxogensins to be effective in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but a 2016 review of the drug’s safety and efficacy found the drug could be dangerous.

The study also found that the drug had the potential to increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases, including cardiovascular deaths, and that the FDA had not adequately evaluated its safety.

According to the study, a single dose of laxogenisin caused more than twice the risk that the general population had of developing heart disease and death, and two doses increased risk of cardiovascular death by more than 20 per cent.

The drug is used in the US, Japan, Canada and Australia.

The drug’s label states that it works by inhibiting a type of fat called triglycerides, which is found in the blood and organs of the body.

A drug like laxogensisin has been shown to reduce blood pressure and cause weight loss in people with obesity and diabetes, and this has been the basis of a number in the past, including laxogensand a generic version.

Since it is only sold under the generic name for about $400 a month, there is a chance that you will not find the drug in your local pharmacy.

However, the FDA is encouraging people to look up the drug and seek advice from a doctor if they have any concerns.