When you feel fat and you’re happy you need to be on the cutting edge

NEW YORK — When I first started training, I was working out on the floor, eating a lot of fast food and drinking lots of soda.

But I also felt that I was eating too much, and that my weight was going to take a serious hit.

Then, I started cutting my calories, and it all came together.

I realized that if I wanted to get a good workout, I needed to start looking and feeling better than I was.

In the process, I realized that it was not just about losing weight, it was about improving my health.

The goal was to lose as little as possible, but to do so, I had to stop eating fast food, stop drinking soda and start eating lean protein.

When you eat too much of anything, the body feels bad, and you feel more sluggish.

So what I did was I just stopped eating carbs, stopped drinking soda, and started eating lean proteins, which are protein foods like beans, rice, chicken, eggs, tofu, etc. That is what helped me get through my first few years of weight loss, and I realized I was getting better and better with each meal.

So my goal now is to do a similar thing for the rest of my life.