What to know about carnitine in diet pills

A new study has found that carnitines, found in some dietary supplements, are linked to higher rates of body fat loss and reduced waist circumference in healthy men.

The research by researchers at University College London and The Royal College of Surgeons has been published in the journal The Lancet.

Researchers from The Royal Colleges of Surgeon, University College, London, and University of Reading, used data from more than 200,000 adults from across the UK, including people over 65, and found that people who had taken supplements containing carnitinosides, which are also found in diet supplements such as carnitin-rich green tea and red wine, had a higher body fat percentage and waist circumference when compared to people who did not.

The researchers said that these findings showed that there was a potential for carnitinoides to influence body composition and fat distribution in healthy people.

They also found that supplementation with carnitins in dietary supplements can result in significant reductions in fat loss even among those who are already in a healthy weight range, and could help to reduce the risk of developing obesity.

The researchers said the results showed that the effects of carnitiners could be influenced by the person’s individual nutritional status, diet, and other factors, and were important for clinicians and health professionals to consider in the diagnosis and management of individuals with obesity.

Carnitines are also used in the treatment of anemia, and have been shown to lower blood pressure in diabetic patients.

However, studies have not linked carnitiner supplements with an increased risk of aneurysms or other serious cardiovascular diseases, and there have been no controlled trials of the effects on the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Our findings suggest that it may be possible to reduce body fat while maintaining a healthy metabolic profile.””

Carninins are found in a variety of dietary supplements and are linked with body composition changes, including increased fat mass.”

Our findings suggest that it may be possible to reduce body fat while maintaining a healthy metabolic profile.

“The researchers say that the carnitinedione in these supplements has a role to play in regulating the release of fat-burning hormones, which can be important in reducing body weight, and may be beneficial in treating certain metabolic conditions.

They are also encouraging clinicians to consider supplements containing the compound as part of a larger weight loss program, and to take carnitinatedione with food to help reduce the negative effects of diet and exercise on health.”

It is not clear how carnitination influences the body composition, so we are keen to investigate this further,” Ms Pidgeons said.”

The role of carninin in weight loss and fat loss should be further investigated.

“The Royal College and Royal Free Hospital Hospitals Trust is a national charity that supports the health of people with life-threatening illnesses.

The study was funded by the National Institute for Health Research.