How to lose fat and regain it?

Fat loss surgery can be done either with a gastric tube, which is the small tube that allows food to pass through and drains away, or by a gastrostomy, which involves inserting a large balloon into the stomach and then releasing it.

Surgery to replace your stomach with a balloon is usually recommended because it is more invasive and more difficult to get right, but it is often more expensive.

This article explains the differences between the two procedures.

The gastric bypass procedure You can either have a gastrectomy or a gastroschisis procedure to replace the stomach.

Both of these procedures can be very painful.

If you have stomach pain, you may want to talk to your GP about whether you should have surgery.

You may also need to discuss with your GP the risks and benefits of surgery.

The stomach operation Gastric bypass surgery is a surgery that uses a large piece of plastic to allow food to move through your stomach.

It is the most invasive surgery that is usually done to treat severe obesity.

It involves removing the stomach muscle, which holds the stomach in place.

You can also use a plastic tube to attach a balloon into your stomach to drain the excess fluid from the stomach, or you can put a small balloon in your stomach and place it in the balloon to get food into your body.

The procedure is usually performed by a GP.

It usually involves: removing a large portion of the stomach