How to lose fat, keep it off

Here are five tips to get you started on the fat loss journey.1.

Keep your body in shape.

Exercise isn’t just for the gym.

Fat loss should also be a lifestyle.

Make it part of your routine.

You can even do cardio while you work out.

You’ll lose more weight if you do. 2.

Be conscious of the amount of calories you burn.

Exercise is about getting the body to work harder.

Don’t overdo it.3.

Eat a balanced diet.

A diet that includes all the nutrients it needs should be balanced to your metabolism.

You need enough protein, carbs, fats and other essential nutrients.

You also need carbs to keep you feeling full, energized and full.4.

Take it easy.

It takes more energy to exercise than it does to eat.

That’s why it’s important to have a regular day off if you can.5.

Eat less.

Fat doesn’t grow in a vacuum.

You should also cut down on food you eat.

Eat fewer calories and more of what you like.

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