Crypto-currency-backed ‘Fat Loss Research’ is proving to be the most popular cryptocurrency in the UK

The cryptocurrency craze has a new leader: fat loss.

According to a new study by the Centre for Applied Cryptography, the fat loss market is valued at $5.2bn (£3.3bn) in 2017.

The cryptocurrency, which is backed by Ethereum, is now valued at nearly $2.5bn in 2017, and will reach $5bn this year, the study found.

The study, published on Monday, also shows that the fat-loss craze is driving a new boom in research.

The average cryptocurrency user spends $5,000 a year on research.

Research has been particularly popular in the US and UK, with the majority of research focused on the fat problem.

Researchers are now taking advantage of the cryptocurrency crape to find new ways to harness the power of the crypto currency.

In the UK, the craze seems to have had a major impact on research in the fields of nutrition, weight management and exercise, the researchers said.

The number of people using the crypto-currency to fund research into the fat issues has more than doubled over the last year, to around 20,000, the report said.

Researchers said that research is now becoming more accessible and more lucrative than ever.

“The UK is becoming an important research and funding destination, especially in the field of obesity,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers said that the growing interest in the cryptocurrency is also leading to a surge in research funding, as well as the creation of new research platforms.

One such platform, the Bogleheads Health Foundation, which was founded in 2016, was recently awarded a $1m (£8,500) grant from the US government to expand its reach into the UK.

The Boglehead Foundation is currently developing a research platform that will help people find new treatments for their weight, the UK researchers said in a blog post.